Partner with us and watch your impact grow

We partner with grassroots organizations in developing countries that help children achieve their potential through nutrition, education and healthcare. Our investors enable us to strengthen and financially sustain our partners to make sure these local programs are funded for generations to come. We call this business driven philanthropy.

Our goal: raise $500,000.

These funds will launch 30 acres of farmland in Nicaragua complete with mixed crops and honeybees, expand our poultry business in Zambia and build awareness of our strategic philanthropy model throughout the US.

Your investment will play a large role. It could buy an acre of land, a beehive or even pay a farmer’s salary.

Most importantly, your investment will lift children out of poverty and help them reach their potential.

We can do more together than we can do alone.


Your investment will help support business driven philanthropy and ensure nutrition, education and healthcare for children in Nicaragua and Zambia.


Thanks to you – we’re getting closer. Not only will we be able to buy tomatoes, lemons and dragon fruit but honeybee hives too.
Be part of our success… tell friends and loved ones.